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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wafflelicious - The Good Galette, Residency Road, Bangalore

Calling myself a sweet tooth wouldn't do justice as I am much more than that :-)

That's when I heard about a waffle cafe serving not just sweet but savoury waffles, crepes and lots more from the Bengaluru Dessert Club I decided to give that a shot and see if it satisfies my soul.

The Good Galette located at the residency road satisfy Sweet Tooth but also vegan and savoury foodies, Yes Yes u heard it right they not only serve sweet but savoury waffles, crepes and yeah they also have a brekkie menu. Now that the dessert club members decided to meet at this joint we were welcomed with this beautiful Crepe Cake.. whoa I will admit i couldn't stop clicking it.

Now about this crepe cake it was around 16-18 layers of crepe with strawberry cream and chocolate filling topped with fresh fruits. Now you must be thinking on calories, right? Well answer to that is yes there are calories but Sandhya and her family who run this cute homely joint has made it a point of using every ingredient fresh without any added sugar or preservatives. The sweetness comes from the fresh fruits or Honey which again makes it healthy. 
This was just the start as it was followed by Banana Praline smoothie, with a mix of sweet and savoury waffles and crepes.

What we were served is below:

1. Ratatouille Waffle - Medley of cooked veggies and topped with cheesseeeee... Served it french style.
2. Mexicana Waffle
3. The PB-B Waffle - Sweet as where its served with Waffle topped with peanut butter, sliced banana and drizzled with Chocolate Sauce
4. The Ban-Ella Waffle - Sweet again where waffles is topped with Nutella, sliced banana and drizzle with chocolate sauce.
5. Bano-ffle - In-house made Banoffie sauce which is drizzle over the waffle and topped with sliced Banana, praline and chocolate sauce... and yes this is my fav too...
6. Tandoori Chicken
7. Chettinad Chicken

Oh wait wait this is not it yet.. we have crepes too :-)

1. Citron
2. Trio Of Chocolate.
Both of the crepes are my fav and actually i guess everyone who tries them falls in love with the taste.

Pheww now coz we were the bunch of happy and loud group .. Sandhya and Tanmay treated with a big bowl of guacamole and french fries. Ingredients straight from their garden i meant the avocados too and by all this finally I had given up and just couldn't move a bit. It was a prefect Happy Tummy moment for me.

Sandhya very truly said that its another home when you step in and it was very much true with its ambience when we stepped in, hogged and while we left the joint. If you get a chance or crossing residency road or just craving for something sweet then walk in The Good Galette   and share your experience with me.


1. Citron
2. Ratatouille for veggies
3. Banana smoothie with praline.
4. If Tanmoy or Sandhya in good mood then ask them for their lip smacking Guacamole dip :-)

Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Taste: 4/5

Chao for now and will see you soon guys :-)

Friday, September 1, 2017

House of Eka

One of the weekends where I wasn't being a lazy and couch potato, but instead headed out to this beautiful store which is located in Ulsoor, Bangalore. Was invited over to this store by a friend of mine to know about the Eco-Ganesha, yeah yeah I know I am late writing about it but nevertheless it's not only about the Eco-Ganesha but also about the serene feeling when you enter the store. Their Products are handcrafted from natural materials and sourced directly from traditional artisans that also reflect the culture, art, craftsmanship and diversity of the country and its people.
Most of us love spending time at home, being creative with our idea, choices of interiors and then spending time find to see where can we find them within the city. 

Every home has a vibe that connects with you, do you agree? 
Every piece in the showcase to furniture that attracts you and that's you connect as somewhere it gets registered in your mind.

Most of the products are made with their natural colour of the wood or stone. 

If you have a hobby of collecting different shapes and designs of Ganesha then this is heaven for you. They have a cute collection from Ganesha reading a book relaxing on a rocking chair to Ganesha having a sheshnag overhead. The team travels around and selects each and every piece that's being sold in house of eka

There is also a range of wine bottles and glasses that are handcrafted in solid wood. Perfect for gifting or for a display in your kitchen or bar area.
You can also find these unique Madhubani painting, a limited edition series of Ganesha paintings exclusive to Eka by renowned artist Vidushini.

‘The Poetry in Wood’ An artistic way of storytelling with laser cut beautiful creations on wood. They are just beautiful and I am sure you will find your fav story on their wall to pick it up. They give 3D illusory effect, featuring diverse motifs inspired by Nature, Divinity, Indian Art and more.

Another beautiful piece which is perfect for gifting for any House warming ceremonies or Pooja's to even anniversaries is this cute tiny Ganesha beautifully framed against a brocade background. 

Scarves, Stoles, Duppatas & Shawls made with pure cotton with crochet tassels or natural ahimsa silk or recycled silk with kantha embroidery. They also have printed t-shirts and also other apparels every now and then. Its one stop shop for all those revolving ideas to decor your home and surround it with positive energy. Eka is Singular, distinctive and truly exceptional! 

As rightly said by House of Eka - "When you buy an Eka product, you take home a unique experience" I did take an experience with me back home and waiting to go back and get lost on all these beauties on the racks and pick up a few as the festive seasons starts soon. 
I end my experience by these words 

You can also know about them more on https://www.facebook.com/ekalifestyle 

Do ahead out and look around the store and I am sure you will find something that connects with you instantly. No to forget do let me know your experience as well. 

Healthy Dal Pitha

Back from the days where I started to keep a watch on my calorie intake it was difficult for me to stay from all the cheese and beer but it wasn't impossible. One of the days during my diet, A friends mother was in bangalore and while i visited her and gossiping about things happening around, she slowly brought a small plate filled with food and kept in front of me. I still laugh when i think of the dialogue she said - " Khalo Nita, Weight nahi badega :-)" and there I was introduced to this delicious dish - " Dal Pitha "
Dal Pitha is a popular rice flour dumplings in Bihari Cuisine. But this my version of using wheat flour instead of rice flour which makes it healthy and also instead of frying I have boiled the pitha or you can also steam just like momo's and other dumplings. Its high in proteins and its enjoyed by all age group. A perfect and healthy tea time snack trust me you wont stop with just one bite as the flavour of the spicy masala stuffing with the green chutney whoaaa... I am hungry now... :-)

Ingredients Of Dal Pitha

  • 250 gm wheat flour
  • 500 gm channa dal
  • 1 teaspoon garlic and ginger paste
  • 1/2 tsp green chilly paste
  • Coriander leaves optional
  • 1/2 tsp of Jeera
  • Salt as per taste
    How to Make Dal pitha:

    Soak dal three to four hours. 

    Take wheat flour and water, kneed flour smoothly just like how we knead for Roti/Phulka and divide them into equal portions.

    Drain the excess water from soaked dal and grind dal along with green chillies, ginger, garlic, salt, carom seeds cumin seeds and pepper corns to make a coarse paste. Add the chopped cilantro leaves optional.

    Stuffing for Dal Pitha is ready.  

    To Make Pitha's:

    Grease a steamer vessel with oil. Just like how to make Momo's or other dumplings. 

    You can either roll it in the share of small puri's and fill the stuffing or use gujiya mould to shape the pithas.

    Place the pithas in the greased steamer and steam them for 8-10 minutes. You can also cook the pitha by dunking them in boiling hot water. Cook till they rise up to the surface, drain and serve. 
    **Make sure to seal the pithas properly to avoid leakage.

    Serve it hot along with your choice of chutneys or sauces.

Monday, August 28, 2017

#NewDessertMenu - Cafe Mangii Orion Mall

Stresssssss... yes yes i know we all have that in our lives don't we? how do we de-stress hmm let me see... ahh here the answer lies in the question itself.. STRESSED = DESSERTS

Okay I give up and accept the fact that I am a sweet tooth person. Love every bit of chocolate and every form of it. Being a caffeine addict plus a chocolate addict i don't count my calories but later have the guilt of adding on to it. I know we all do it :-)

Over the years living in bangalore and with all the traffic cribs I would never imagine myself travelling all the way from marathahalli to Orion Mall just for these small yet soulful beauties. Guess what?? I did travel :-)

So one of the evening with few other friends I travelled to orion mall to taste melting chocolate and few quick bites that was served to us by chef Sandeep Rane who flew all the away from #Mumbai to ensure we get the fresh and best on our plates. Between all the desserts that we had tasted my favourite is the Gooey Mocha fudge with Coffee cremeux and topped it off with mocha cream which is " Mocha Fudge Treat " Ask for this... Highly recommended!

1.. 2.. 3.. Slurrrppp .. burps!!
Who will wait to count it till the end... This is what will happen when you're served " 34 Layers " dessert. Layer's which are filled with Chocolate Ganache, Cake and my fav 54% Chocolate Mousse.

"Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best one can make you dance. "
And so did Chef Sandeep Rane Chef Ajay Thakur found their feel-good song while coming up with their all new dessert menu at Cafe Mangii and I found the best one that made me dance guilt free :-)
#cafemangiiorion #Newdessertmenu #Cafemangii



Philadelphia Bake Cheesecake 

Apple Crumble 
Aren't they just too beautiful that even a sweet tooth like me would have the heart dig into them and indulge without any guilt but yes i did break my heart and my soul enjoyed every bite that I had.
God! Now I am craving for these beauties to melt in my mouth :-(

Well so not only that we had these little treats but also enjoyed the special veg pizza and few other cocktails. My fav was the Handsome Jack which a blend of JD, lime juice and simple syrup.. very close to whiskey sour but i guess the JD did all the magic.

So here is my recommendations:

Dessert: Mocha Fudge Treat  & 34 layers
Cocktail: Handsome Jack
Bites: Veg Pizza and Hariyali Paneer.

Ambience: 3 out of 5
Service: 3 out of 5
Food: 4 out of 5

Do give a visit and taste these treats and let me know your views on it.
Till then Chao :-)