Thursday, January 12, 2012

Aloo Cheese Balls

"Aloo " My god this can make each and everyone hungry and run for food at my home.

After a hectic day at office, Returning home i made a simple Aloo paratha for lunch and as always i had a left over masala.. do you also have the same issue with more left overs from lunch? I do !!

Mukul loves teatime snack and thats when i tried making this cute little round balls which turned out easy and yet very tasty when Hot Masala Tea. Hmmm sometimes i think i have alot of geines of my mother in this matter.. he he she is one who has always done something unusual with the left overs. So did i tried. I hope you guys will always impress our mom's with this recipe.


Left Over Aloo Masala
Bread crumbs
Morzella Cheese
Italian seasoning - Which you get with Pizza hut or Dominos
2 Tsp Corn Flour
Salt to taste - just be a bit careful as we are adding cheese as well.
Oil for deep frying


Add the Corn Flour and Italian seasoning to the left over Aloo Masala.
Make Small round balls and keep a piece of cheese in middle and then roll them over the bread crumbs.
If you want you can rrefrigerate the Aloo cheese balls for about 20 mins and then deep fry them untill the outer layer turns Brown.

Serve them with Hot Masala Chai or with Tomato Salsa Dip.

Aloo Cheese Balls
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Happy Cooking!!

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Thankyou for this lovely entry to Lets cook with left overs event.

Get Set Bake said...

I'm gonna try this soon :) Aloo + cheese, who can resist? :)

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Simple and yummy recipee

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superb, i was thinking what should i do with cheese. i guess here is a beautiful idea.

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hmm lovely starter, loved it :)

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