Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thai Green Curry with Steamed Rice

Thai Green Curry with Steamed Rice

Thai Cuisine, I first tasted it in SHIRO's UBCity Mall, Bangalore and from that nite i have been a fan of this cuisine. Thai food Looks good and as well as taste good. The ingredients are simple and yet it burst in ur mouth with different textures and flavors.

Ingredients for the Thai Curry

1 3/4 cups of unsweetened coconut milk
3 tablespoons of Green Curry Paste (Store bought as i didnt find lemon grass)
1 cup of broccoli florets
1/4 cup Sliced Carrots
1/4 cup Aubergine cut into small pieces
1 yellow Capsicum chopped
Few Spring Onions
2-4 Button Mushrooms or Shitake
1 cup water
Salt to taste
1 teaspoon oil
chopped basil leaves or kaffir lime leaves.


Heat oil in a pan and stir fry the broccoli, carrots & mushrooms on high heat for a few minutes until steamed, yet crisp. Turn off heat and set aside.

Pour the coconut milk, water, curry paste, salt in a sauce pan and mix well. Turn on the heat and bring the curry to an active boil. Add the stir fried vegetables and allow it to simmer stirring occasionally until the curry thickens a bit about 10 minutes.

Transfer to a serving bowl and sprinkle with cilantro/basil/kaffir lime leaves and serve hot with white Steamed rice.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cinnamon Nutty Custard with Jelly !!

Cinnamon Nutty Custard with Jelly !!

Dessert, After a long time i finally get sometime to spend in the kitchen and make few of my favorites and try new stuff. I came across this lovely Custard and thought i should give it a twist .. As Always :-) So here it is something for the sweet tooth all around the world.

Add Cinnamon Nutty Custard with Jelly

For Custard:

1 Cup milk
2 Tbsp custard powder( I have used vanilla flavor)
2 Tbsp sugar
Pinch of Cinnamon Powder
1 Tsp chopped pistachios
1/4 Cup Water

For Jelly:

3 Tbsp of Jelly Crystals ( I have used Strawberry flavored Vegetarian jelly)
1/2 cup water
Strawberry cut into small pieces.


Boil Milk in a pan and then add sugar, cinnamon & pistachios.
Keep stirring so the milk doesn't stick to the pan.
Dissolve the custard powder in 1/4 cup of water & add to boiling milk slowly & keep stirring to avoid any lumps . 
Just stir for 3-4 minutes & turn off the heat. Let the custard cool completely before assembling.

For the jelly , boil half cup of water in a pan
Add jelly crystals to the boiled water & stir well until the crystals dissolve completely.
Let the jelly mixture cool before adding any fruit. 
Refrigerate for until it needs to be served.

Sooji Ka Halwa

Sooji ka Halwa

Navrathra Special, We preform the puja and then distribute the halwa in the devotees present in the temple. One of the quick dessert that you can make which is in itself so tasty.

For Halwa:

  • 1 cup Sooji/semolina
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup ghee
  • 2-3 green cardomoms
  • Raisins (kishmish)


  1. Heat the ghee in a pot and add the cardamoms in it . The flame should be medium , now add sooji and keep on stirring till the color changes .
  2. Add water to the sooji on very slow flame  and immediately mix, then add sugar and mix it well.
  3. Add kishmish or any other dry fruits which you like and cover the lid .
  4. Take off from heat after 5 minute.
  5. Garnish it with Chopped Almonds. 
Serve it Hot