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Sanctum 1 year Special Anniversary Launch Menu

          Sanctum - 1 year Special Anniversary Launch Menu 


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A beautiful outdoor & Indoor seating, they cater to the laidback ladies lunch siesta and at the same secluded business luncheons with business enabling technology and executive assistance of prompt service and quick attention. With all this the Sanctum is also known for its musical relevance in the city of Bengaluru inviting renowned international and local acts for periodic gigs.

Fun, Food & Friends:

    The wonderful evening where we got to be apart of an amazing menu launch by Sous Chef - Joaquin Albarreal Sanctum

 Being in Bangalore for almost a decade I am not sure how i missed this place. As this is one of the best tapas bar i have visited, which serves quality food and head Bang Music. Coming back to food, I got an opportunity to taste the new menu which was set by the Chef and trust me it is amazing.

We Bloggers start the evening by few cocktails & I enjoyed the " All Time Special " Which had Cucumber slices with London Dry Gin. It didnt give a strong taste of alcohol but was smooth in every sip. 

All Time Special

And after few minutes we were served the first dish from the menu " Broccoli and Almond Espresso "  with every sip on to your palette you will taste the creaminess from the espresso and Small bites of almond. To go with the espresso we were served the toasted bread with cheese and Broccoli as topping. It was just prefect !!

               Broccoli and Almond Espresso


Between all this wonderful tasting the music played was just awesome. It perfectly blended with the evening and journey towards the next dish continued. 
It was time for the starters and for Veggies like me the chef had something different in stored for us. It was " Grilled Aubergine and Wild Rocket " in which the Aubergine was grilled to perfection and gave a sweet taste at the same time Rocket leaves are mixed with balsamic vinegar to cut the sourness of the leaves. As i am not a big rocket leaves fan i found that it didn't cut the sourness and actually gave a bit more bitter taste.

Grilled Aubergine and Wild Rocket

And so its was time to order another cocktail and hence went for " Jamaican " Which was a blend of Bacardi, Malibu, Fresh Mint and a hint of Citrus oil to give that Kick.


 In a few minutes we were served the Main Course which was " Beer Infused Grilled Chicken "  Though being a veggie i got to taste the Mashed potato and i was truly in love with it. it was creamier and made to perfection once again. The presentation of the dish caught a lot of eyes as well. 


                 Beer Infused Grilled Chicken

And we were served with 2 most wanted dishes in Sanctum - Beer Infused Grilled Chicken and Wild Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Oil.

It was Heaven for me to taste the most creamiest Risotto ever, totally Loved it. 

Wild Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Oil
And the bloggers were also served " Grilled Salmon " 

Grilled Salmon

Here comes the masterpiece of the chef. His very own creation and truly marvelous- " Sunny Side Up ".

The White Chocolate Mousse as the base and Liquid Mango Sphere on top, its's the ultimate combo that you will ever taste which is served along with apple fries and strawberry ketchup. 

Meet the Chef:

Executive Sous Chef - Joaquin Albarreal all the way from spain. 

23 years old Joaquin after completing 2 years of training in the culinary school of cooking and working as C.D.P in Kennebunk (Maine, E.E.U.U) Is mastering the art of Spanish Tapas and molecular cuisine. Joaquinis now the Executive Sous Chef of Sanctum, delivering the best in traditional Spanish recipes with an Indian Twist.

And a short video in which the chef talks about his menu, the food, his experience. 

Joaquin Albarreal


And the evening ends with loads of conversations, fun, drinks with the fellow bloggers. Thanks to the Team of Burrp for extending the invite and for me to be a part of this wonderful evening.

The Bloggers
Myself, Rumana and the Chefs


Phone - 080 61344907 
Address: Sanctum Residency Road, Bangalore, India
Reservation recommended

 My Verdict:

Food : 9/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Drinks: 7/10
Service: 9/10

Cost:1400 Per Person

Chef has given a lot of detailing and tried his best to get Spanish and Indian taste together. I totally loved the Set Menu except the Rocket leaves :-) The Risotto was just amazing following up with his creative dessert. Value for money and Entertainment guaranteed . 



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