Friday, July 25, 2014

The Bike Boutique - Giant Starkenn In Bangalore

                              The Bike Boutique !! 

Yes you heard it right - The Bike Boutique

 Boutique - Where you go with just an idea of what you want to buy and come out with an amazing costume for the occasion. This is the generation where we want everything according to our taste and preference isnt it?  Let that be a simple design or the background color we spend most of our time choosing the best. 

    Now apart from clothing and Hotels we have someone who has made their way to Bangalore with their unique and amazing product which is very well known - Giant Strankenn Cycling World with their first ever store in Bangalore is at Indiranagar which is 3,200-sqft showroom.

Its one of a kind store and i would rather call it a Boutique coz all you need to have is a thought of owing a high end bicycle and the rest the store helps you find your new love. 

Gone are the days where we there was only high end motorcycles or cars. Giant brings in the revolution of high end Bicycles with Propel Advanced SLO- with a price tag of Rs 10.59 lakh and manufactured by Giant-Starkenn – is the costliest bicycle you can purchase in Bangalore! It’s the same bicycle used by the Giant Shimano team in the Tour de France and by champion biker Marcel Kittel unveiled on the opening day.

          Pravin V Patil, MD and CEO of Starkenn Sports

Pravin V Patil, MD and CEO of Starkenn Sports right after the launch of Propel Advanced SLO, walked us thru and  explained each and every corner of the store as to how it works. 

I also spent some time talking to Gautam Dalal, VP of Marketing and Brand Management

   Gautam Dalal, VP of Marketing & Brand Management

Giant, the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer has successfully opened its second large “Giant Starkenn Cycling World” after Pune. Starkenn Sports Pvt Ltd, the sole distributor and authorized marketers of Giant brand, introduced the biggest bike experience center in the cityspread showcasing some of the firsts like bike simulator, bike spa, bike fit, bike library, bike café and a huge range of bikes from Giant’s stable. 

“The city accounts for nearly 6,000 units or 20% of the segment’s 30,000 unit annual sales,” said Pravin V Patil, MD and CEO of Starkenn Sports.

 The Giant Propel Advanced SL 0 Design is something to be talked about. Fearther light bike which can be lifted with one finger. 

 Giant also came up with bikes exclusives to Women - LIV. The colors are just amazing will tempt you to pick one up and ride it home.

 The bike range spans the entire spectrum of off-road, X-road, folding bikes, city bikes and on-road for men, women and children.

 The most impressive was the special Bike Spa which is for all the brands other than Giant for a nominal price. So in short its a one stop shop or as i say Boutique :-) for Bikes.

I was totally impressed with the focus towards the employee satisfaction also, apart from amazing customer service that they provide. The staff is friendly and would guide you through every step. Giant Strankenn has also been indulged in a lot of group activities which keeps the bikers motivated. 

You must visit the store once if you are panning to invest in a high end bike for yourself. And i am sure you would walk out with a bike of your choice with a broad smile. 

Giant Starkenn Cycling World: HAL II Stage, 100 ft Road Crossing, 12th Main Road, Opp Lakme Saloon, Indira Nagar, Bangalore 560008


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