Friday, September 26, 2014

Mexico On My Plate - Hard Rock Cafe #MexicanFiesta

HRC brings you the Mexican Fiesta from 1st September to 28th September.

With wide range of culture, taste and aromas of Mexico to tickle your palate. 
We started our evening at HRC with these amazing Tequila Based Drinks which was truly a Mexican Experience. My poison of the night was the Fool's Gold and the Cactus Flower Shot - Its a must try.

Fool's Gold

Cactus Flower Shot

We had Chef Niranjan with us that evening to takes thru each and every dish and also making sure that it was served and tasted to perfection. With the wonderful start of the drinks we were served with few mouth-watering starters " Cheddar Cheese Samosette " and " Nachos Cantina

Cheddar Cheese Samosette
Nachos Cantina

The Nachos Cantina, Corn chips baked with cheese and topped with tomato salsa, Guacamole and sour cream. While all the other Nachos i have tasted in past few months this has been the best, reason - the chips were crispy till the last bite in the plate.

If you love seafood especially prawns then the " Orange Tequila Prawns "is a must try. Cooked to perfection, Prawns were juicy and you would fall in love with the sauce which is once again very Mexican tequila based. 

Orange Tequila Prawns
 As a vegetarian I am a big fan of beans and this was one of the few I totally loved. Bowled over with the presentation using the tacos and filled with veggies and crispy bits of cottage cheese.

Crusty Cottage Cheese Tacos

Then comes " Smoky Char Grilled Cottage Cheese Quesadilla " Not many on the table preferred this dish, but I would recommend to try it as it's gives a different taste to the normal Quesadilla's you might have tried. 

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Smoky Char Grilled Cottage Cheese Quesadilla

" BBQ Cottage Cheese Toastada" thin tortilla's baked with cheese with bbq cottage cheese and veggies. Its Nothing like pizza that it looks like, as this has a completely different taste.

Veg version of Toastada
 And before we dig into the bite of heaven we were filled with this heavy piece called " Bahama mama chicken tender Burrito " it was so heavy that we 2 people couldn't finish 1 piece of it, too filling.

Bahama mama chicken tender Burrito

 And finally we had our bite to heaven "Tres leche" Sponge Cake Soaked with layers of milk - evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. It is to die for and highly recommended.   " Sizzling Skillet Scorched " being a sweet tooth its so difficult to choose between the 2, but if you really wanna know then just have both. A piece of heaven they are.

Tres leche
Sizzling Skillet Scorched

Here is the menu for this amazing event.


The price of each dish ranges between Rs. 250-500 each.

Tres leche, Nachos, Crusty Cottage Cheese Tacos, Fool's Gold, Cactus Flower Shot

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review - Long & Short - The Gastrobar at @InterConMD

Long & Short - The Gastrobar at @InterConMD

My trip to Mumbai wouldn't have been complete without a visit to this amazing gastrobar - Long & Short

This strategically located hotel, now is the new avatar breaking the five-star hotel lounge-bar stereotypes. Its a pleasant stop that offers wide variety of mixed cuisine and Chef Kayzad Sadri's New innovations (must try)


With a open Space for dining out, facing the Marine Drive what more can you ask for.  Cheerful and non-fussy interiors makes the place even more welcoming. 

From the Bee-hived wall with Black & White pictures to old dabba tiffins, cutting-chai teapots, Kathakali bobble heads. I could sit there all day and enjoy each and every sec spend there.


From the Mouthwatering Prawn Tempura to Chef's Special Waffles with Mushroom Filling were just too good. Thought of it still reminds me of the taste :-)
Green Tea

Salmon Sushi
Hara Panner
Prawn Tempura

Mumbai Sandwich
 The Briyani Presentation was the Second highlight of the day. The presentation was unique and it didn't only look good but tasted good as well. 

As soon as it was served on the table we digged in and tasted the best biryani ever.
Handi Biryani

Veg Thin Crust Pizza
Fish en papillote
My very first time tasting of Fish en Papillote and the sauce served with steamed rice. Must say the sauce takes the steamed fish to a different level with the strong ginger taste. The high light of the day, Chef's new innovation of sweet and savory together - Waffles with mushroom filling, you've to visit just to taste this amazing dish. Followed with the Dessert to die for .. Sinful Rocky Road and Marshmallow Chocolate Smoothie.

Waffles With Mushroom Filling

Rocky Road
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Watermelon Mojito

The price of each dish ranges between Rs. 2400 for 2 people 


Rocky Road, Waffles with mushroom filling, Handi Biryani, Prawn Tempura 


135 Marine Dr, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020
Phone: 022 3987 9999