Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Christmas Cake Mixing at The Park Plaza, Bangalore

Ho Ho Ho !!!  Christmas is around the corner :-)
An absolutely amazing experience provided by "The Park Plaza", Bangalore during their alcoholic Christmas Cake Mix event. The first of its kind in Bangalore and I can now proudly say - "Been there, Done That". What an innovative team of chefs.
Coming to the Cake mix -  The preparation usually starts few months before Christmas. It involves soaking fruits/dry fruits in spirits of your choice. Was fun to watch the heaps of dry fruits, cherries, dates etc mixed with some of the best found spirits in the world.

 It made us all "High" even without drinking. We all were consuming the fumes of these finest spirits while mixing all the ingredients. To make it more interesting for the guests, the team decided to put in some gummy bears and gave a task to us to dig in and find them. 

Experience was taken to another level with the delicious tea time snacks and wine. The litchi blossom mocktail was the drink of the day for me and the chocolate layer cake and coconut dome were the highlights of the evening. 

Overall it was a good and fun experience for me and i am sure our youngest guest also enjoyed the mix, as much as we did. 
Thanks to Siddharth for inviting me over and the team for courteous service and my fellow bloggers for making the evening more memorable. 


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