Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"Healthy Bhi Tasty Bhi" - The Baking Company

Hello, Yes I'm back!

After a gap of few months being away from good food and fun, I received an email from TBC to experience their #BakingGoodness with few other food lovers.

What is that one thing we all forget in our busy life? Thinking ?
FOOD.. Well Healthy Food isn't it? Every mom has serious of thoughts while packing tiffin box for kids, husband or herself. Sometimes healthy food seems a little too boring and we get attracted towards the not so tasty food .. don't you?
Between all these questions here comes the answer to it  "The Baking Company" tasty bhi aur healthy bhi. Located in a busy area it has a open terrace sit out which is just something we all look for in #bangalore. Serving from salads to lip smacking desserts now you can enjoy these delicacies at Orion Mall. 
Evening starts off with the famous "Red Velvet Cupcake" of TBC and if you look closer the logo is actually the swirl which was inspired by the swirl on the cupcake. I must say you got to try these out, these small cuties are just to resist. 

This was just the start as we were served some amazing products from "The Baking Company" which is made of something that you will be happy to know - Jowar, Bajra, Carrots etc. Have you ever tasted Jowar Muffin? Oh they are just tasty and would fit in as a tasty snack to go with a cup of hot tea/coffee. 
 "Morning Glory Muffin" is the best and has been my fav between all these yummies. Filled with nutrition and just an answer to all those mother's and people like me who have to run from home just to get on time for their work or school. Pick these beauties and just pack up and relish it on your way its that simple. 

Teacakes who doesn't like them? 
I just love them as i normally take the slice and sit with hot masala chai while working or on a lazy sunday evening. TBC has come up with a health twist of adding carrots in them and keeping the taste as always. "Carrot Teacakes" I am sure even kids will love them as it taste as good as it look as well. 

Must say they just spoilt us with all these goodies and yummy muffins. But that was not all TBC also has a wide range of Wholesome Savouries like pack of tea sandwiches. The varieties from chicken to spinach corn sandwiches.

Not only me and but everyone on the table wanted but couldn't stop relishing these items. It was time for a break but break with a cup of Hot #Cappuccino, Mocha #Frappe, and Strawberry Smoothie.

Oh Wait! we still have savouries left to discover :-)
Minced Chicken Puff , Potato veg Puff, Checken and Paneer Wraps.  The filling in the Potato Veg Puff was just hmmm... no words as it was just tasty and the picture will tell you how crisp the flakes were. 
Chicken Wrap
Chicken Puff

Potato Veg Puff
Paneer Wrap
Celebrate this festive season with TBC not only the savouries but also the desserts. Brownie Blast, Kiwi Cake and for all the coffee lovers here they also serve Coffee Mousse Cake. 

The Evening filled with delicious, lip smacking and healthy baked products. Head out to orion mall and do not forget to pick those yummlicious Red Velvet Cupcakes. Thank you Team TBC for inviting us over for the little sneak peek from the world of TBC - The Baking Company.


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Such yummy looking food.. awesome pictures and a nice write up. Hope the food was truly as delicious :)

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