Sunday, February 28, 2016

Morning Fresh Product Review

Are you a party animal?
Do you find reasons to party?
Love Tequila shots?
Love the feeling of getting knocked off?

But worried about the next morning hangover? Head aches?

I am one of the person who does all the above :-) Party animal, Who loves dancing and getting kicked off with the alcoholic shots. But at the same time worried about the presentation next day with all that hangover, Until i was introduced to Morning fresh by Mitali Tandon.

What a genius she is to come up with. This is an amazing drink which helps you say good-bye to hangovers and headaches. Be as fresh as nothing ever happened last night, Morning Fresh is a all natural drink which has anti-oxidants, vitamins & silk proteins that help in breaking down the alcohol .  An evening spent with Mitali and her dad to know how it works and where can we find this in market.

Mitali first came up with one flavor and now has party packs which is supplied to our economical house parties to big fat weddings and everyone loves it. All you need to do is take the Morning Fresh Shot before you crash and that's it does its magic and next morning wake up as fresh as any other day.

Morning Fresh comes in 3 different flavors – Cola, Strawberry and Salted Caramel. Team is very soon coming up with the most inquired Mint flavor as well which apparently is my fav too. So for all you party animals out there whether you're working or still in college and enjoying life whom i envy :-) grab a pack and you'll see the different yourself. I did and i can bet on it that it works beautifully and has been a savior.

To know more about the team and idea behind it below are the social channels you can reach them on:

Cheers Mate!


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