Hola !!

Hello Everyone, 

Cooking is so much fun
Happy to introduce myself to you all.. 

You can call me Nita or may be Nitzz .. doesn't that sound trendy hmmm , I am from Bangalore, A Professional and also a House Wifey..

" Cooking " it's a passion for me.. It has drove me all the way from authentic cooking to Getting a new style in them. This is also a Link that clicks with most of the people i meet, it helps me start a conversation. You might have heard that - " A Way to Man's heart is via his stomach " it applies in my life i guess... i have won many hearts and build relationships. Specially my foodie hubby. Cooking is not only a passion but also a therapy when i need to relax my mind, body and soul. Kitchen is were i am Happy.. Actually was said by Nigella... :-P

Basically cooking is comforting and also apart of me which always craves to try something new. This is a blog were i would love to share anything new that i try it out and share few ideas on household that i come across.

Its wonderful feeling to welcome you all in my small world, Hoping my simple recipes and ideas will tingle your tongue.. and get some more excitement :-)

Much Love,


Charu Srivastava said...

great to know a passionate cook and foodie like me...i m ur happy follower now...do visit my space when free

guest author said...

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Suman Kher said...

HeyI I din't know you were a housewife! I thought you were single and working! :) Looks like a fun blog and I can definitely get inspired and learn because I am just not a cooking person! Will leave comments as I read your posts :)

Debasis said...

Hi,Nice post.
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